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“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis ch.1 v.1)

There was a time when these words were accepted and believed without question. Nobody had any doubts about where we had come from, or why we were here.

In the last two hundred years or so, we have done our best to find an alternative to the biblical account of creation.

One of the most popular ideas is that of evolution, which, despite the fact that most scientists agree that it is just a theory, is taught in the majority of schools as fact.

The whole idea revolves around the theory that millions of years ago, simple life forms appeared by chance from non-living substances. Over millions of years, the theory goes, these simple forms of life gradually developed into the abundant variety of life that we see around us today, the highest form being human beings.

If this theory is correct, and we are here just by accident, then life on earth has no real purpose.

How likely is it that life did appear just by chance? If you were to sit a chimpanzee down with a typewriter, the chances of him creating the complete works of Shakespeare are higher than the chances of life as we know it appearing by pure chance.

Thus, when looked at logically, the theory of evolution is totally irrational.

Who Am I?

Let’s go back to the Bible verse at the top of the page.

The author of the book of Genesis assumed belief in God. He does not argue, or attempt to prove His existence. The implication is: creation will give all the evidence needed to prove that God is.

In verse 31 of Genesis ch.1, we are told that when God looked at His creation He declared it to be “very good.” He was pleased with what He had done. Who would be happy, if it was all just a cosmic accident?

In Psalm 8 vv.6-8 we get another insight into God’s creation, and another nail in the coffin of evolution. It is taught that man is no different to the animals; but in these verses we are told otherwise: God made man to be in charge of His creation, to care for it and look after it.

We must own up to the fact, that we have not done a very good job of looking after the world God gave us. But if it is all just an accident anyway, well, who cares?

Further evidence of how special we are is found in the book of Job ch.33 v.4: “The Spirit of God has made me, the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

In the Genesis account of creation, God breathed into the man and he became a living being. Thus, as far as the Bible is concerned, mankind is special, for among all the creatures of the universe, only man received God’s living essence. Human beings are the only creatures to be able to relate to God on a personal level.

Go back to the book of Psalms, and look up Psalm 139 vv.13-16; you will find some wonderful things said about God and His relationship to each one of us. In fact, the writer of the psalm says that he believes God knew you BEFORE you were even born. How special is that?

Love is the Answer

The greatest proof that we are special is found in the concept of love. A New Testament writer called John wrote several letters, as well as one of the four Gospels. In his first letter (1 John) ch.4 v.7 he tells us that: “love comes from God.” In the very next verse, he goes further, “God IS Love.”

Because of God’s great love for us, He sent His Only Son into the world as a sacrifice for our sins (1 John ch.4 v.10).

Back into the book of Psalms again! This time, in Psalm 63 v.3 the writer says that God’s love is better than life itself.

Life with a purpose

According to the Bible, God has a plan for every one of us. In John’s Gospel ch.10 v.10, Jesus Christ, God’s Son, says these words: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

The reason you were born was to know God and to enjoy His plan for your life.

The well-known evangelist, Billy Graham, once said: “Just as every planet has its set course…so God has a purpose for your life. It would be extremely difficult for me to believe that the infinite God would set the course for each celestial body, each star, each planet and then leave His crowning creation, man, to grope in the darkness of a meaningless world.”

So, the question now is: do you want the life and purpose that God wants to give to you?